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The hallmarks of what makes a great leader in the 21st century have been redefined. A leader is no longer the person with all the answers, but rather, the person that can bolster and empower their people. Through our PEAC™ program, your leaders will be equipped with coaching techniques that they can use in real-life operational scenarios that will result in a much more independent and empowered workforce.​

What Is PEAC™?​

The program is uniquely designed to disrupt the aged definition of what it takes to be a leader. PEAC™ centralizes on coaching models and solutions covering performance appraisal, performance feedback and goal setting to improve the performance of teams and entire workforces. By utilizing effective coaching techniques, your talents will be well equipped and adequately prepared to activate the coaching culture in your organization and take on the challenges of a contemporary leader.

PEAC™ is designed with a practical and interactive approach in mind. Arm your talents with the knowledge to take on the demanding role of a leader and witness the transformation of your workforce.

Why PEAC™ Is
The Program For You

PEAC™ has been lauded to be one of the most practical programs that have significantly changed the effectiveness of people managers. Train your talents to identify the potential within your team members, and how to maximize it. Watch as your organization propels to new heights, driven by highly motivated and unfettered individuals. Not only does PEAC™ empower people, it inadvertently improves daily operations and gives birth to a more cohesive corporate workforce. The program is targeted to leaders who inspire to have a lasting change in empowering their people while advertently improving daily operations and giving birth to a more cohesive corporate workforce. In PEAC™ and with its coaching solutions, discover how your talents can help their team members to identify and learn to maximize their potential and become the pulse of high-performance culture in your organization. Watch as PEAC™ transforms your leaders to build thriving resilient teams.

What Will You Learn

Learn the difference between what is Coaching and how it defers from other styles of leadership.

Learn the difference between coaching the WHO vs the HOW and Effective Coaching Solutioning methodology.

Learn how to Coach in Running Meetings effectively and focus on Solution-Building discussions.

Learn the Corridor Coaching Technique and the people-centric SERVE Coaching Model.

Learn how to coach right to the point using Laser Coaching.

Learn how to activate the Coaching Culture in your organization.

Future Of Learning

The Learner’s eXperience (LX) has changed significantly. It used to be just show and tell. But now learners expect a more wholesome experience. We have reimagined how we engage and provide face-to-face and virtual learning to our participants. We believe in using technology and new approaches for this ever-changing environment.

Our face-to-face and virtual learning experience adapts and leverages the Future of Learning approaches, such as Collaborative Platforms, Avidity Academy’s Online Learning Platform, and also Bite-sized micro-learning through videos, quizzes, and reflections. Learning through mobile apps has also been our focus to make learning engaging, fun, accessible anywhere and anytime.

The PEAC™ Kit is a toolkit that will accompany you throughout your learning experience in our PEAC™ program. Designed to be effective both in a physical and virtual learning environment, it is specially curated to enhance the user’s LX (Learner’s eXperience). Contained inside the Kit are several Learning Tools that are carefully crafted to activate your different senses. Learning doesn’t have to be just show and tell.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who Should Attend ?

If you are a people manager, you can attend this program.

How long is PEACᵀᴹ Program?

The ideal number of participants of this program is 20 pax with the maximum of 24 pax.

What is the maximum number of participant for this program ?

The PEAC™ program can be conducted either as a 2 full-day program for physical training or as 4 days x 3.5 hours virtual session. 

What is the training format the PEACᵀᴹ Program ?

The PEAC™ program can be conducted either face to face (physical) or online (virtual) session with elearning modules as post training support.

Is the PEACᵀᴹ conducted in-house or public program ?

The PEAC™ program is predominantly conducted in-house for organizations that wish to improve their coaching culture.Public programs are scheduled periodically throughout the year, please subscribe to our mailing list for latest announcement.  

Who are your main coaches or facilitors for the PEACᵀᴹ program ?

The main facilitators and coaches for the PEAC program comprise of top executive coaches, people development specialist and master practitioners who have over 20 years of working experience.

Who are your main clients for the PEACᵀᴹ program ?

The PEAC™ program is predominantly conducted in-house for organizations that wish to improve their coaching culture.Public programs are scheduled periodically throughout the year, please subscribe to our mailing list for latest announcement.  

What are the advantages of PEACᵀᴹ program

You will receive the recognition that you have achieved the minimum standard as a qualified Coach. You will be viewed by your superior as being more competent in what you do. Most importantly, you will be able to empower your people and improve day-to-day operational productivity and performance through applied coaching.

What is so special about this program ?

Participants will be rewarded a certificate to indicate that they have passed and met the minimum requirement of coach-specific training that meets Avidity Academy’s guidelines for certification upon completion of this flagship program which includes sitting through 14 hours of PEAC Program consisting of vigorous interactive sessions and exercises. However, to receive a certificate to indicate that they have passed and met the requirement to be a certified coach, they need to complete the full 14 hours PEAC program together with all 8 modules in the Avidity Academy Learning platform, and 2 Coaching Clinics sessions

Do you provide any post-training support ?
  1. Yes. We do provide 2 Coaching Clinic sessions after the PEAC Program workshop as a follow-up post-training session. It will be an hour session pack with engaging discussion to discuss their experience using techniques introduced. It also serves to support and guide our alumni in an event where they encounter any challenges during their coaching sessions with their team members.
  2. We also provide the Avidity Academy Learning Platform for a month starting from the first day of training to ensure continuous learning outside of our sessions
Will i be able to be a better leader coach after attending the PEACᵀᴹ program?

Well, that really depends on whether you have successfully applied the coaching techniques introduced in the program. It is proven that you can be a better leader based on the feedback given by our alumni. It improves their communication and performance with their team members as well as empowering their talents.

Is the PEACᵀᴹ program workshop HRDF claimable ?

Yes the PEAC program is fully claimable under HRDCorp. Avidity International and all its trainers are registered providers with the HRDCorp. .

How do i conduct the PEACᵀᴹ program and start empowering my leaders to become PEACᵀᴹ Coaches
You can email us at connected@avidityinternational.com for more information on how you can start empowering your leaders to become PEAC Coaches

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